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About us

Sabine County Hospital is committed to providing quality healthcare through a team of dedicated medical providers and caring staff.

Situated between the lakes of Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend in Deep East Texas, Sabine County Hospital is a critical access hospital designated by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and one of an elite group of hospitals that is Joint Commission of Healthcare Organizations accredited, a status recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality healthcare and the commitment to meet high performance standards. Licensed for 25 beds by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services and compliant with all applicable regulatory requirements for inpatient, outpatient and Swing Bed programs, the hospital is a participant in the quality metrics and peer review program administered through Texas A&M Health Science Center.

Sabine County Hospital's history of delivering high-quality healthcare services to the community began in 1980 when its doors opened on May 1st of that year. The vision of forward thinking individuals who anticipated the growth of Sabine County had come to fruition. Dr. Grover Winslow and Mr. Leon Adickes were instrumental in putting the wheels in motion for a healthcare facility in Sabine County. Mr. J. D. Miller was the first hospital administrator when the facility successfully passed its first inspection and was issued a license to operate. Everyone considered the project finished at this time but considering healthcare's nature it was and is a work in progress. For Sabine County Hospital, 2010 marked its 30th Anniversary and the ongoing commitment to deliver quality healthcare through all the continual changes and advancements the field of medicine has brought.

The first physicians on staff were Dr. Grover Winslow, Dr. Leonard Shockey, Dr. Martin Rueffer, Dr. Donald Powell; consulting staff Dr. Jack Pruitt, Dr. Gordon Jones, Dr. James Griffin, Dr. Kenneth Miller, Dr. Archana Achariyaksol and Dr. Thomas Lombardo.

During the past three decades, many additional practitioners have called Sabine County Hospital home. Those individuals include Dr. Michael Neal, Dr. John Strahle, Dr. Martin Gilliland, Dr. John Chuang, and Dr. Andy Gulbis.

Currently, the active staff includes Dr. Vera M. Luther, Dr. Eric Blacher, Dr. Greg Backofen, Chris Melcher, PA-C, Chad Moody, MS, PA-C, and Mike Litwicki, PA-C.

The Board of Directors of the Sabine County Hospital District realized in 1982 additional space was needed for the daily operating needs of the hospital. It was decided to add a new wing with grant funds from the TLL Temple Foundation. In 1984 the new wing was completed and became home to a larger pharmacy, respiratory therapy department and physical therapy department. When additional funds became available from another TLL Temple Foundation grant in 1986, a second addition was completed. This addition was designed for the radiology department and provided two complete exam rooms, a reading room and an ultrasound room. As technology advanced and the hospital physicians saw the need and ability to bring some additional healthcare services to the community, they requested an in-house CT scanner. Modifications to the physical therapy department and a few departmental moves resulted in CT scanning services for the residents of Sabine County in 1996.

That same year, the hospital applied for and received a Level IV Trauma Certification making it among the first small rural hospitals in Texas to become dedicated to providing healthcare services at this level. In 2004, the hospital changed its designation from a 36-bed Acute Care Hospital to a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital to better serve the community. This effort to keep abreast of the changes in the Texas rural healthcare system allowed the hospital to maintain state-of-the-art medical care while obtaining better reimbursement levels from Medicare and Medicaid to create a more financially stable picture for the hospital's future.

The Sabine County Hospital District Board of Directors saw financial changes on the horizon in 2007 for all healthcare entities and did not feel comfortable treading those waters alone. In reviewing their options for better healthcare management systems, it was decided by unanimous vote to enter into a relationship with Preferred Management Corporation, Inc. , a professional healthcare management company specializing in rural hospital management. A contract was signed for Preferred Management to lease the operations of the hospital in 2008 and to date this successful partnership has provided the residents of Sabine County Hospital high-quality healthcare by caring and committed healthcare professionals.

Medical Providers
Greg Backofen, M.D.
Greg Backofen, M.D. Dr. Backofen is a part of the provider team at Toledo Bend Family Medicine, and likes to provide the continuity of care that family practice allows.  He completed his family practice residency at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS).   The “rural track” offered by UAMS allowed him to rotate through several smaller communities including Magnolia, Arkansas.  During his three-year tenure at UAMS, he was selected as chief resident for two consecutive years.  
Fluent in Spanish, Dr. Backofen attended medical school and completed an undergraduate degree in pre-medicine at the Universidad Iberoamericana Medical School, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  He also has a bachelor’s degree in finance from Louisiana State University.  He and his wife Brandy, a former pharmaceutical sales representative, have relocated to Hemphill along with their two golden doodles who also enjoy the advantages of Hemphill lake and recreational areas.  
Chad Moody, MS, PA-C
Chad Moody, MS, PA-C Chad Moody, MS, PA-C was born and raised in Sabine county, and joined the staff of Sabine County Hospital and clinics in 2009 to serve the residents of his hometown.  He provides family care to patients at Toledo Bend Family Medicine, and also covers the emergency department of the hospital.  Prior to joining Sabine County Hospital, Chad worked in the emergency rooms at Memorial Health System of East Texas in Livingston and Lufkin, and at Watson Family Medicine in Hemphill.

Chad received his Masters of Science degree from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston in December 2005 and successfully completed his Physician Assistant Program certification with the same school.  He also maintains advanced certification in emergency medicine.  Chad and his wife, Jennifer, are the proud parents of three children.
Chris Melcher, PA-C
Chris Melcher, PA-C Chris Melcher, PA-C has been a member of the provider staff at Sabine County Hospital since 2011, covering the emergency department and providing care to clinic patients.   He relocated to Toledo Bend Family Medicine in 2017.  Chris entered physician assistant school after spending 21 years in the U.S. Air Force where he served as a Medical Services Technician responsible for supporting USAF personnel in remote locations worldwide.  In addition to his military experience, Chris also worked as a physician assistant at Sparta Community Hospital in Sparta, Illinois, and the Carterville Family Practice also in Carterville.

Chris graduated from the Southern Illinois University Physicians Assistant Program with a bachelor's in science, received his second associate's degree in arts and science from Pierce College and his first associate's degree in applied science, allied health sciences from the Community College of the Air Force. Chris and his wife, Diane, have one grown son living in Illinois.
Mike Dickinson, PA-C
Mike Dickinson, PA-C
began practicing at Toledo Bend Family Medicine in early 2018.  Prior to joining the medical team at the clinic, he worked for almost two years as a critical care paramedic with an ambulance service in West Bend, located north of Milwaukee, and for almost six years as a firefighter and EMT  throughout the Milwaukee area. 
Dickinson earned his Masters of Medical Science degree from Mississippi College Department of Physician Assistant Studies, Clinton Mississippi, and his Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  He also maintains certification as a critical care paramedic.  A Wisconsin transplant, Dickinson lives in a small home on the outskirts of Hemphill.   
Hospital Staff
Jerry Howell
Jerry Howell Hospital Administrator Jerry Howell, administrator of Sabine County Hospital, brings more than 30 years of healthcare experience to the Hemphill area, including 22 years as the CEO of a 49-bed hospital in Columbia, Mississippi, and another 3 years as interim CEO for critical access hospitals in Virginia, Mississippi and Oklahoma.  He has worked for both freestanding hospitals and hospitals affiliated with national and regional healthcare companies, including a stint as a regional director of hospital services for Pioneer Health Services and consultant chief executive officer for Rural Community Hospitals of America.   

Throughout his career, Howell has been active in professional, community and church organizations including serving on the board of the Mississippi Hospital Association, working with county economic development groups and local chamber of commerce organizations, and serving as a deacon in his church.  He also served as the “Voice of the Wildcats” for Columbia High School football in Columbia, Mississippi.  Howell received his Masters in Business Administration and his Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg.    
Brittany Henson, RN
Brittany Henson, RN
was promoted to Chief Nursing Officer of Sabine County Hospital in November 2018.  She joined the hospital in June 2014, starting as a floor nurse, was trauma coordinator in 2016, and assumed responsibility for implementation and monitoring of several special projects in 2018.
She earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2010 and her Master of Science in Health in 2012, both from Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas.   In 2013 she completed the educational requirements to become a licensed vocational nurse at Angelina College, Lufkin, Texas, earning her associate degree in nursing the year following.  She is currently working on an RN to MSN program at the University of Texas, Arlington that will further enhance her ability to be a leader in hospital nursing administration.
Certifications include:  ACLS Certification, PALS Pediatric Advanced Life Support; and TNCC Trauma Nursing Core Course.

HIPAA Policy


We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of your medical information within the hospital and how we may disclose it to others outside the hospital. You will also be given a copy of your rights concerning your own health information. Please review it carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

How will we use and disclose your medical information?

We may use medical information to provide you with medical services and supplies. We may also disclose your medical information to others that need that information to treat you, such as doctors, physician assistants, nurses, medical and nursing students, technicians, therapists, emergency service and medical transportation providers, medical equipment providers and others involved in your care.

We also may use and disclose your medical information to contact you to remind you of an upcoming appointment, to obtain registration information, to inform you about possible treatment options or alternatives or to tell you about health related services available to you.

Patient Directory:
In order to assist family members and other visitors in locating you while you are in the hospital, the hospital maintains a patient directory. This directory includes your name, age, gender, room number, type of service, name of physician and your religious affiliation (if any). We will disclose this information to someone who asks for you by name, although we will disclose your religious affiliation only to clergy members. If you do not want to be included in the hospital's patient directory, please inform the hospital personnel.

Family Members and Others Involved in Your Care:
We may disclose your medical information to a family member or friend who is involved in your medical care or to someone who helps pay for your care. We also may disclose your medical information to disaster relief organizations to help locate a family member or friend in a disaster. If you do not want the hospital to disclose your medical information to family members or others who will visit you, please inform hospital personnel.

We may use and disclose your medical information to get paid for the medical services and supplies we provide to you.

Hospital Operations:
We may use and disclose your medical information if it is necessary to improve the quality of care we provide to patients or to run the hospital. We may use your medical information to conduct quality improvement activities, to obtain audit, accounting or legal services or to conduct business management and planning. Many of our patients like to make contributions to the hospital. The hospital or its foundation may contact you in the future to raise money for the hospital. If you do not want the hospital or its foundation to contact you for fund raising, please inform hospital personnel.

We may use or disclose your medical information for research projects, such as studying the effectiveness of a treatment you received. These research projects must go through a special process that protects the confidentiality of your medical information.

Public Health:
We also may report certain medical information for public health purposes such as reporting births, deaths and communicable diseases to the State of Texas. We may also need to report patient problems to the FDA or may notify patients of recalls of products they are using.

Law Requirements/Public Safety:
The federal, state or local law enforcement agencies sometimes require us to disclose patients' medical information for public safety purposes in limited circumstances, providing medical information to law enforcement officials in response to a search warrant or a grand jury subpoena, to assist law enforcement officials in identifying or locating a person, to prosecute a crime of violence, to report deaths that may have resulted from criminal conduct, and to report criminal conduct at the hospital. We are required to report child abuse or neglect and must provide certain information to law enforcement officials in domestic violence cases. We are required to give information to the Texas Workers Compensation Program for work-related injuries. We also may disclose your medical information to law enforcement officials and others to prevent a serious threat to health or safety.

Health Oversight Activities:
We may disclose medical information to a government agency that oversees the hospital or its personnel, such as the Texas Department of Health Services, the federal agencies that oversee Medicare, the Board of Medical Examiners and the Board of Nursing.

Coroners, Medical Examiners and Funeral Director:
We may disclose medical information concerning deceased patients to coroners, medical examiners and funeral directors to assist them in carrying out their duties.

Organ and Tissue Donation:
We may disclose medical information to organizations that handle organ, eye or tissue donation or transplantation.

Military, Veterans, National Security and Other Government Purposes:
If you are a member of the armed forces, we may release your medical information as required by military command authorities or to the Department of Veterans Affairs. The hospital may also disclose medical information to federal officials for intelligence and national security purposes, for Presidential Protective Services, or to the Department of State for its security clearances.

Judicial Proceedings:
The hospital may disclose medical information in a lawsuit if the hospital is ordered to do so by a court if the hospital receives a subpoena or a search warrant. You will receive advance notice about this disclosure in most situations so that you will have a chance to object to sharing your medical information.

Information with Additional Protection:
Certain types of medical information have additional protection under state or federal law. For instance, medical information about communicable and HIV/AIDS, drug and alcohol abuse treatment and court ordered mental evaluation is treated differently than other types of information; the hospital is required to get your permission before disclosing that information to others in most circumstances.

Other Uses and Disclosures:
If the hospital wishes to make use or disclosure of your medical information for a purpose that is not discussed in this Notice, the hospital will seek your permission. If you give your permission to the hospital, you may take back that permission any time, unless we have already relied on your permission to use or disclose the information.

Right to Request Your Medical Information:
You have the right to look at your own medical information and to get a copy of that information. (The law requires us to keep the original record.) This includes your medical record, your billing records, and other records we use to make decisions about your care. To request your medical information, submit a written request to: Sabine County Hospital, Health Information Management, 2301 Worth Street, Hemphill, TX 75948.

If you request a copy of your information, we will charge you for costs to copy the information. We will tell you in advance what this copying will cost. You can look at your record at no cost.

Right to Request Amendment of Medical Information You Believe Is Erroneous or Incomplete:
If you examine your medical information and believe that some of the information is wrong or incomplete, you may ask us to amend your record. To make a request to amend your medical information, submit a written request to: Sabine County Hospital, Health Information Management, 2301 Worth Street, Hemphill, TX 75948.

Right to Get a List of Certain Disclosures of Your Medical Information:
You have the right to request a list of many of the disclosures we make of your medical information. If you would like to receive such a list, submit a written request to: Sabine County Hospital, Health Information Management, 2301 Worth Street, Hemphill, TX 75948.

Right to Request Restrictions on How the Hospital will use or disclose Your Medical Information for Treatment, Payment or Health Care Operations:
You have the right to request us NOT to make uses or disclosures of your medical information to treat you, to seek payment for care, or to operate the hospital. We are not required to agree to your request, but if we do agree, we will comply with that agreement. If you want to request a restriction, submit your detailed request in writing to: Sabine County Hospital, Health Information Management, 2301 Worth Street, Hemphill, TX 75948.

Right to Request Confidential Communications:
You have the right to request us to communicate with you in a way that you feel is more confidential. For example, you can ask us not to call your home, but to communicate only by mail. To do this, submit your detailed request in writing to: Sabine County Hospital, Health Information Management, 2301 Worth Street, Hemphill, TX 75948.

Right to a Paper Copy:
Click here to download a paper copy of the notice from our website, or you may obtain a paper copy of the notice at: Sabine County Hospital, Health Information Management, 2301 Worth Street, Hemphill, TX 75948.

Changes to This Notice:
From time to time, we may change our practices concerning how we use or disclose patient medical information or how we will implement patient rights concerning their information. We reserve the right to change this notice and to make the provisions in our new notice effective for all medical information we maintain. If we change these practices, we will publish a revised Notice of Privacy Practices. You can get a copy of our current notice of Privacy Practices at any time from hospital personnel.

Which Health Care Providers Are Covered By This Notice?
This Notice of Privacy Practices applies to the hospital and its personnel, volunteers, students and trainees. The notice also applies to other health care providers that come to the hospital to care for patients, such as physicians, physician's assistants, therapists and other health care providers that are not employed by the hospital, emergency service providers, medical transportation companies and medical equipment and supplies that come to the hospital. These health care providers will follow this notice for information they receive about you from the hospital. These other health care providers may follow different practices at their own office or facilities.

Do You Have Concerns or Complaints?
Please tell us about any problems or concerns you have with your privacy rights or how the hospital uses or discloses your medical information. If you have a concern, please contact: Quality Coordinator at (409) 787-3300.

If, for some reason, the hospital cannot resolve your concern, you may also file a complaint with the federal government. To file a complaint against the hospital please contact: Regional Manager, CMS Region IX, 50 United Nations Plaza, Rm. 322, San Francisco, CA 94102. We will not penalize you or retaliate against you in any way for filing a complaint with the federal government.

Do you have questions?
The hospital is required by law to give you this notice and to follow terms of the notice that is currently in effect. If you have any questions about how the hospital may use and disclose your medical information, please contact: Quality Coordinator at (409) 787-3300.

Notice Regarding Payment Policy:

This hospital and clinics serve all patients regardless of inability to pay. Discounts for essential services are offered depending upon family size and income. You may apply for a discount at the front desk.

Patient/Family Concerns

Our facility strives to provide quality patient care in a safe manner. However, if you or your family has any concerns about patient care and safety in the organization, please contact administration at (409) 787-3300.

If your concerns are not resolved, you may call The Joint Commission at (800) 994-6610, or e-mail your concerns to: complaint@jointcommission.org. If you wish to request a Public Information Interview with The Joint Commission, please call (900) 994-6610.

Other Information

Medical Providers
Greg Backofen, M.D.
Chad Moody, MS, PA-C
Chris Melcher, PA-C
Mike Dickinson, PA-C
Courtesy Staff
Thomas A. Lombardo, M.D
Kevin L. Hudson, D.O.
Rohit V. Kedia, M.D.
Radiology Interpretations
Community Radiology Associates (CRA)
Peter C. Issac, M.D.

Hospital Staff
Jerry Howell
Brittany Henson, RN
HIPAA Policy
Hospital Charges 101
Non-Discrimination Policy
Language Assistance
Notice Regarding Payment Policy
Patient/Family Concerns

Jerry Howell

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